What We’re About

Just Kidding is a collaborative social art effort prioritizing the personal in all its forms. Our initiatives attempt to cocoon the process of individual expansion, to pad the room where the individual meets the world. In this space we can pause to investigate the intricacies of boundary lines – whether or not we ultimately move past them. Our projects initiate exchanges of intimacy, establish patterns of relation between strangers, and ask participants to interact creatively with their own vulnerability.

Our methods are multidisciplinary and evolve as our opportunities do. Past projects have involved participatory performance, experiential story sharing, conferences, long-term photography projects, working with local newspapers, community engagement, real-life-truth telling, website creation, gallery shows. We are very good at utilizing existing and situationally-available platforms to design co-creative opportunities between artists and audiences, instigators and participators, experts and strangers.

The name Just Kidding joins the initials of its creators Joslyn and Kale (JK) in the spirit of seeking interrelationship in what could otherwise remain separate.

Who We Are

Kale Ridsdale is a co-creator of Just Kidding Collaborations. She received her masters degree in Philosophy from University College Dublin with a focus on embodied cognition, and has an undergraduate degree in Applied Sciences. Her work background is in adult training and development.

Joslyn Kilborn is the other co-creator of Just Kidding Collaborations. Primarily a writer and photographer, she is most interested in the art of living and examining and utilizing the natural performance that is life in a body. She has a degree in English Literature and lives in a motorhome most of the year, from which she works carefully at continually expanding her sense of what is possible, a process that is often explored through her art, her livelihood, and her interactions with others.