Dancing Across Canada

In the spring of 2014 Joslyn moved into an old camper and left Toronto to drive 6000 km to the Yukon, alone. Finding her love of moving her body to music hard to express in the radically reduced private space of a camper, she took her old habit of dancing alone in her bedroom out into the world around her. In each place she camped for the night, she turned up her music or put her headphones in, and danced around her motorhome. The first few nights had her dancing in out-of-the-way places like campgrounds or down logging roads. But she soon found herself sleeping in Walmart parking lots and outside people’s homes on residential streets, increasingly public platforms to perform her private daily ritual. She often noticed people watching, pointing, giggling. Feeling her sense of embarrassment increase, she wove those sensations into her movements, dancing the dance of her embarrassment.

By the time she arrived in Whitehorse, the ritual had become an act of self-love. If she was having a bad day, she could find somewhere nice to park, turn up her stereo, and dance under the trees.

Joslyn photographed herself dancing each day and recorded her progress in a daily blog called Dancing Across Canada.