Warm Up To Me

In Toronto we live in a city of global citizens with stories that connect us to all corners of the globe, we also live in neighbourhood pockets that keep the ‘haves’ from the ‘have nots’, the trendy from the reserved, the old from the new. This project asks what would happen if we superimposed these neighbourhoods.

‘Warm Up To Me’ asked a selection of neighbourhoods in Toronto to talk about themselves and each other by pairing up 3 of the most heterogenous and 3 of the most homogenous ‘hoods and interviewing their residents. Then for one night in the downtown core we recreated a ‘typical’ living room found in each of these areas, allowing them to exist side by side for one night only. In those spaces we played audio snippets from the interviews that took place in those neighbourhoods, allowing attendees to take a seat and listen to what they had to say. In addition to what we would expect to hear when we interview the residents of these seeming opposites, we hear unanticipated tales of interrelationships, histories, migration, belonging, choice, and complexities.

Produced in collaboration with the Warm Up To Me Collective.

Anupa Khemadasa
Tijana Spasic
Kale Ridsdale
Rena Myrtaj